Term Keyword to Use
3D Urban Planning Urban Planning
7-Star Hotel Hotel
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Access Control Access Control
Acoustics Acoustics
Active Sustainability Sustainability
Adaptability Adaptability
Adaptive Architecture Adaptability
Aerodynamic Aerodynamics
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Aerodynamics
Aerodynamic Shaping Aerodynamics
Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
Affordable Housing Affordable Housing
AI Artificial Intelligence
Air Filtration Air Filtration
Air Rights Zoning
Air Transportation Air Transportation
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
Automation Automation
basement diaphragm wall Foundation
Belt Truss Belt Truss
Belt Wall Belt Wall
BIM model BIM
BIM Technology BIM
Blast Enhanced Facades Façade
Bracing System Bracing System
Branding Branding
BREEAM Sustainability Certification
Brokerage Sales
Building Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
Building Code Building Code
building codes and requirements Code Compliance
Building Cost Cost
Building Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Building Forms Form
Building Information Modeling BIM
Building Information Modeling (BIM) BIM
Building Maintenance Building Maintenance
Building Management Building Management
Building shape Form
CFD Analyses CFD
China Urbanization Urbanization
Chinese Code Code Compliance
Chinese New Process of Urbanization Urbanization
City Planning Urban Planning
Cladding Façade
Climate Climate
Climate adaptive design Climate
Climate Change Climate Change
Climate Comparison Climate
Climbing formwork of core wall and mega column Construction
Closed Cavity Façade Façade
Code Compliance Code Compliance
Codes Code Compliance
Combination of top-down and bottom-up method Construction
Commercial Commercial
Community Community
Competition Entry Competition Entry
Completion Completion
Composite Composite
Composite Columns Composite
Composite Link Beams Composite
Composite Member Composite
Composite Steel Plate Shear Wall Composite
Composite Structures Structure
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD
Concrete Concrete
Concrete Filled Steel Tube Composite
Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column Composite
Concrete Shear Concrete
concrete structure construction Structure
Concrete Structures Structure
Condominiums Residential
Connectivity Connectivity
Construction Construction
Construction Critical Path Construction
Construction joint Construction
Construction management Construction
Construction Methods Construction
Construction Risks Construction
Construction Sequence Construction
construction simulation Construction
Construction Staged Analysis Construction
Construction Stop Construction Stop
construction technology Construction
Construction Time Use Construction
Construction Update Construction Update
Context Context
Conventional Two-Button Dispatching Elevators
Core Core
Cost Cost
Cost Drivers Cost
cost-effectiveness Cost
covid-19 COVID-19
Covid-19 COVID-19
Cross-Laminated Timber Cross-Laminated Timber
Crown Crown
CTBUH Recommendations for the Seismic Design Seismic
Cultural Context Cultural Context
Culture Culture
Curtain Wall Curtain Wall
Curtain Wall Support Structure Façade
curtain-wall steel structure construction Construction
Custom Curtain Wall Shapes Façade
Damper Damping
Damping Damping
Damping Structure Damping
Deep Deck Slabs Deep Deck Slabs
Deep foundation pit Foundation
Demolition Demolition
Density Density
Design for Manufacture and Assembly DFMA
Design Process Design Process
Destination Control Destination Control
Development Development
DGNB Sustainability Certification
Diagrids Diagrids
Dismantle Demolition
Disproportionate Collapse Disproportionate Collapse
Double Facade Façade
Double Façade Façade
Double Skin Facades Façade
Double Skin Façades Façade
Double-Skin Façades Façade
Dual Seismic Resistant System Seismic
Durability Durability
Dynamic Facades Façade
Dynamic Façades Façade
Earthquake Seismic
Earthquake Resistant Design Seismic
Earthquakes Seismic
Economics Economics
Education Education
Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Egress Egress
Elevator Elevators
Elevator Door Elevators
Elevator Evacuation Elevators
Elevator Organization Elevators
Elevators Elevators
Embodied Carbon Embodied Carbon
Embodied Energy Embodied Energy
Energy Energy
Energy Conservation Energy Conservation
Energy Consumption Energy Consumption
Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Energy Recuperation Energy Consumption
Energy Retrofit Retrofit
Entire Building Life Cycle Life Cycle Analysis
Envelope Façade
Environment Environment
Environmental Protection Environment
Ethics Ethics
Evacuation Evacuation
Exoskeleton Exoskeleton
Facade Façade
Facades Façade
Façade Façade
Façade Access Façade Access
Façade Maintenance Façade Maintenance
Façade Materials Façade
Façade Preservation Façade
Façade Renovation Façade
Façade Retrofit Façade
Façades Façade
Field Measurement Field Measurement
Finite Element Model Finite Element Modelling
Finite Element Modelling Finite Element Modelling
Fire Fire Safety
Fire Engineering Fire Safety
Fire Evacuation Fire Safety
Fire Fighting Fire Safety
Fire Modeling Fire Safety
Fire Protection Fire Safety
Fire Protection Engineering Fire Safety
Fire Safety Fire Safety
Fire-Rated Fire Safety
Fireproofing Fireproofing
Form Form
Foundation Foundation
foundation construction Foundation
Foundation Design Foundation
foundation pit construction Foundation
Foundation Stiffness Foundation
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Glazing Façade
Green Sustainability
Green Building Sustainability
Green Roofs Green Roofs
Green Star Sustainability Certification
Green Walls Green Walls
Habitation Habitation
Heat Mapping Heat Mapping
Heatmapping Heat Mapping
Heatmaps Heat Mapping
Height Height
High Strength Concrete Concrete
High strength steel Steel
High-Density Density
High-Performance Façades Façade
High-Resolution Architectural CFD CFD
High-rise Construction Construction
Historic Context Historic Context
Holistic Design Holistic Design
Hot-summer and cold-winter climate Climate
Hotel Hotel
Human Comfort Human Comfort
Human Scale Human Scale
Infrastructure Infrastructure
Inhabitance Habitation
Inhabitancy Habitation
Inhabitation Habitation
Integrated Design Integrated Design
Integration Integrated Design
Interior Design Interior Design
Landscape Landscape
Large diameter foundation piles Foundation
large-diameter and super-long bored pile Foundation
LCA Life Cycle Analysis
Leasing Leasing
LEED Sustainability Certification
Legal Legal
Letting Leasing
Life Cycle Analysis Life Cycle Analysis
Life Safety Life Safety
Life-Cycle Analysis Life Cycle Analysis
Lifecycle Carbon Life Cycle Analysis
Living Building Challenge Sustainability Certification
Load Capacity Load Capacity
Low Carbon Low Carbon
Management Building Management
Marketing Marketing
Mass Timber Timber
Massive concrete basement mat Foundation
Master Planning Master Planning
Mat Foundation Foundation
Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing MEP
mega city Megacity
Mega Column Mega Column
Mega Columns Mega Column
Mega Frame Mega Frame
mega-city Megacity
Mega-Columns Mega Column
Mega-Frame Structural System Mega Frame
Megacity Megacity
Megatall Megatall
Megatall Building Megatall
megatall buildings Megatall
MEP Engineering MEP
Microclimate Microclimate
Mixed-Use Mixed-Use
Mixed-Use Supertall Mixed-Use
Mixed-Used Development Mixed-Use
Modernization Modernization
Modular Construction Modular Construction
Multi-Use Mixed-Use
Natural Ventilation Natural Ventilation
Numerical Wind Tunnel Test Wind Tunnel Testing
Occupancy Occupancy
Occupancy Experience Occupancy
Occupant Experience Occupancy
Occupants Occupancy
Occupiers Occupancy
Office Office
Office Buildings Typology Office
Office High-Rise Buildings Office
Operable Façade Façade
Operational BIM BIM
Operations Building Management
Optimization Optimization
Out-of-codes High-rise Building Structures Code Compliance
Outrigger Outriggers
Outrigger system Outriggers
Outrigger Wall Outriggers
Outriggers Outriggers
Pandemic Pandemic
Parametric Parametric Design
Parametric Design Parametric Design
Parametric Modeling Parametric Design
Passive Dampers Passive Design
Passive Design Passive Design
Passive Design Principles Passive Design
Passive Envelope Passive Design
Passive House Passive Design
Passivhaus Passive Design
PBD Performance Based Design
Performance Performance Based Design
Performance Based Design Performance Based Design
performance-based approach Performance Based Design
Performance-Based Design Performance Based Design
Performance-based seismic design Performance Based Design
Pile foundation construction Foundation
Pile-Raft Foundation Foundation
Piled Raft Foundation
Planning Planning
Policy Public Policy
Pollution Pollution
Polycentric Polycentric
Polycentrics Polycentric
Polycentrism Polycentric
Post Occupancy Evaluation Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Post-Occupancy Evaluation Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Post-Tensioned Post-Tensioned
Precast Construction Prefabrication
Preconstruction Preconstruction
Prefabrication Prefabrication
Preservation Preservation
Progressive Collapse Progressive Collapse
Project Management Project Management
Proposals Proposals
Public Health Public Health
Public Policy Public Policy
Public Space Public Space
Public Spaces Public Space
Redevelopment Redevelopment
Refuge Areas Refuge Areas
Refuge floors Refuge Areas
Refurbishment Renovation
Regeneration Redevelopment
Reinforced Concrete Concrete
Reinforced Concrete Buildings Concrete
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy
Renovation Renovation
Rental Leasing
Renting Leasing
Representation Sales
Residence Residency
Residency Residency
Residential Residential
Residents Residency
Resilience Adaptability
Resiliency Adaptability
Retail Retail
Retail Branding Retail
Retail Perspective Retail
Retrofit Retrofit
Risk Risk
Risk Management Risk
Risk Measure Risk
Robotics Robotics
Safety Life Safety
Safety Management Life Safety
Sales Sales
Schools Schools
Security Security
Seismic Seismic
seismic action Seismic
Seismic Action Reduction Seismic
Seismic Behavior Seismic
Seismic Design Seismic
Seismic Hazard Seismic
Seismic Risk Seismic
Seismic Zone Seismic
Service Core Core
Service Life Service Life
Shading Passive Design
Shear Shear
Shear Wall Shear Wall
Site Context Site Context
Sky Garden Sky Garden
Skybridges Skybridges
Skygarden Sky Garden
Skylight Passive Design
Skypark Sky Garden
Skyscraper Façade Façade
Slender Slenderness
Slender Structures Slenderness
Slenderness Slenderness
Social Social Interaction
Social Distancing Social Distancing
Social Interaction Social Interaction
Social Media Social Media
Social Model Social Interaction
Social Organization Social Interaction
Social-Distancing Social Distancing
Solar Orientation Passive Design
Sound Acoustics
Stack Effect Stack Effect
Stainless Steel Steel
Steel Steel
Steel Plate Shear Wall Steel
Steel Shapes Steel
steel structure construction Steel
Steel Structures Steel
steel usage Steel
Streets in the Sky Skybridges
Strength Testing Strength-Testing
Strength-Testing Strength-Testing
Structural Damping Damping
Structural Design Structure
Structural Engineering Structural Engineering
Structural Health Monitoring Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Optimization Structure
Structural Robustness Structural Robustness
Structural Systems Structure
Structure Structure
Subtropical Climate Climate
Super Column Super Column
Super High-Rise Supertall
Super High-Rise Building Supertall
super-high-rise buildings Supertall
Super-Slender Slenderness
super-tall tower Supertall
Supertall Supertall
Supertall Building Supertall
Supertall Buildings Supertall
Supertall High-Rise Supertall
Supertall Wind Farm Wind Engineering
Sustainability Sustainability
Sustainability Certification Sustainability Certification
Sustainable Sustainability
Sustainable Architecture Sustainability
Sustainable design Sustainability
Sustainable Development Sustainability
System Reliability Systems
Systems Systems
Tall building Code Code Compliance
Tall Building Seismic Isolation Seismic
Tall Building Structures Structure
Tall Slender Buildings Slenderness
Tall Timber Timber
Tallest Residential Residential
Technology Technology
Tectonics Seismic
Tenancy Tenancy
Tenants Tenancy
Thermal Performance Energy Efficiency
Timber Timber
TLD Tuned Liquid Damper
TMD Tuned Mass Damper
TMDs Tuned Mass Damper
Topping Out Topping Out
Traffic Analysis Transportation
Traffic Simulation Transportation
Transit Care Transportation
Transit Center Transportation
Transit-Oriented Transportation
Transportation Transportation
Tuned Liquid Column Damper Tuned Liquid Damper
Tuned Liquid Damper Tuned Liquid Damper
Tuned Mass Damper Tuned Mass Damper
Tuned Sloshing Damper Tuned Liquid Damper
Urban Urban Planning
Urban Context Urban Context
Urban Densification Density
Urban Design Urban Design
Urban Fabric Urban Planning
Urban Habitat Urban Habitat
Urban Planning Urban Planning
Urban Sprawl Urban Sprawl
Urbanism Urban Planning
Urbanization Urbanization
Ventilated Curtain Wall Façade
Vernacular Vernacular
Vertical Campus Verticality
Vertical City Vertical Urbanism
Vertical Forest Green Walls
Vertical Forests Green Walls
Vertical Schools Education
Vertical Transportation Vertical Transportation
Vertical Urbanism Vertical Urbanism
Verticality Verticality
Vertiport Vertiport
Vibrations Vibrations
Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers Damping
Vortex Shedding Vortex Shedding
Wind Engineering Wind Engineering
Wind Environment Wind Engineering
Wind Load Wind Loads
Wind Loads Wind Loads
Wind Tunnel Testing Wind Tunnel Testing
Wind-Excited Structures Wind Engineering
Wind-excited Vibration Wind Engineering
Wind-Induced Vibration Wind Engineering
Window Wall Window Wall
Workplace Workplace
Zoning Zoning